Week of September 26th

The contractor continued to pour sidewalk, driveways, and curb ramps along 16th Avenue and 17th Avenue; crews finished grading for sidewalk and driveway apron along 16th Avenue; and crews placed topsoil and landscaped where possible.

Week of October 3rd

The contractor is expected to complete pouring sidewalk, driveways, and curb ramps along 16th Avenue and 15th Street; crews will continue to place topsoil and final landscape where possible; crews will begin final shaping of the gravel surfaces in preparation for asphalt, and crews will continue water service replacements at various locations throughout the City.


  • As the concrete sidewalk and driveway aprons are poured, please keep your children and pets away from the fresh concrete to avoid damaging the surface
  • Do not drive on the driveways for at least 7 days to allow the concrete to cure fully.
  • Please keep everything off the newly seeded topsoil areas, seedlings are in a vulnerable state as the grass begins to grow.
  • Asphalt paving is scheduled to begin in mid-October and is expected to take approximately one week, weather dependent.