Week of July 18th

The contractor fine graded, placed gravel, and started staking for concrete curb and gutter along 15th Avenue and 17th Avenue; they installed water main along 15th Street; they activated the temporary water system along 16th Avenue; they completed the deep storm sewer connection at the 16th Avenue and 18th Street intersection, and they completed water service replacements along 14th Avenue.

Week of July 25th

The contractor will continue grading and placing gravel along 15th Avenue and 17th Avenue; they will complete the water main along 15th Street; they will continue storm sewer, water main, and sanitary sewer installation along 16th Avenue; and they will complete water service replacements along 16th Avenue.


We understand this project has been an inconvenience for many residents and businesses in and around the construction area. The contractor is working diligently to maintain access at intersections, but there are many operations that create unknown or hazardous conditions so complete access is not always possible. Public safety is always on the forefront so please drive around the project area if possible, or utilize the alleys. For those who need to navigate through the construction zone, please use caution and take your time when driving.

For residents living within the project area, please have your garbage/recyclables placed at the end of your driveway no later than 7:00 AM on Monday mornings. GFL continues to work directly with the contractor to coordinate this pick-up as early as possible to minimize any disruption in the active work zone. If your garbage/recyclables are placed at the end of your driveway after pick-up has occurred, your items will not be picked up that week and everything will be placed in front of your house outside the grading limits.