Building Department

The permitting and inspection process promotes high-quality design standards as well as the conservation, rehabilitation, and reuse of the City’s existing buildings.


View a list of burial records for the city of Menominee’s cemetery.

City Assessor

The Assessing Department is committed to assuring all taxable property within the City of Menominee is identified, listed, and valued to assure that all property receives an equitable assessment.

City Attorney

City Attorney’s Office is to provide high-quality legal advice, counsel, and representation for all civil matters involving the City, and effective enforcement of ordinances and prosecution of ordinance violations, in an efficient, timely, just and cost-effective way for the benefit of the Menominee community.

City Clerk/Treasurer

City Clerk is to provide information to the City Council, City Staff, General Public, Candidates, Voters, and Media in order to promote a work environment that leads to compliance with all laws and better decision making.

City Manager

City Manager’s Office is to provide professional leadership in the administration and execution of policies and objectives formulated by the City Council and to develop and recommend alternative solutions to community problems for Council consideration. Our teams of professionals provide support, guidance, communications, and leadership to assure that quality municipal services to meet the needs of all who visit, work, and live in Menominee.

City Mayor

Visit the Mayor’s page to learn more

Economic Development

The MBDC provides one-stop assistance to existing businesses and those seeking to locate in the City of County of Menominee, Michigan.

Fire Department

The Menominee Fire Department proudly provides fire and emergency medical services to over 11,000 residents in a seven-mile radius. Also, the Menominee Fire Department has a mutual response agreement with the Menominee Fire Department.

Recreation Department

Menominee Recreation Department provides diverse year-round leisure opportunities through the preservation of open space, park settings, recreational facilities and programs for residents of Menominee. The opportunities are designed to meet the physical, mental, cultural and special needs of our residents and visitors to our community while enhancing the overall quality of life.

Police Department

City of Menominee Police Department is Responsible and Committed to Protecting the Lives, Property, and rights of all people, to maintain order, and to enforce the law impartially. We will provide police service in partnership with other members of the community.

Public Works & City Engineer

Department of Public Works is to enhance the quality of life for City residents by providing professional public works services to safely and efficiently manage the infrastructure with which we have been entrusted

Spies Public Library

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Water Department

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