The Purpose of the Department of Public Works is to Maintain the City of Menominee’s infrastructure.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Public Works is to enhance the quality of life for City residents by providing professional public works services to safely and efficiently manage the infrastructure with which we have been entrusted.

The direct telephone number of the Department of Public Works Office is (906) 864-6837. Calls regarding missed trash collection and all related trash questions should be directed to our Green for Life Customer Service Rep Penny at (920) 617-6776.

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Garbage & Recycling

City of Menominee bulk pick-up will be as follows:

Bulk pick up for City of Menominee residents will be done on your normal trash day the week of October 10th to 14th. Remember you are limited to three items.  For residents in the Utilities construction area, please do not put your bulk pick-up items in newly seeded tree lawns or in the street during bulk garbage pickup the week of October 10th to the 14th.

This schedule will pertain as long as GFL can handle the number of items being put out for pickup.  Please keep in mind GFL’s Bulky and Overflow Safe Handling & Acceptance Requirements.

Please abide by the requirements and rules.


Programs & Responsibilities

  • Public Works Administration – Provide direction, support, coordination, and policy development of the divisions of the public works; public relations (service requests); budget preparation; file maintenance; program coordination and control; internal personnel management and internal fiscal management; ensures compliance with federal, state regulations.
  • Streets – Street maintenance; snow removal-salting and sanding-snow plowing-sidewalk plowing-parking lot plowing; line painting; sign management; street lighting, traffic signals at 13th Street and 14th Avenue.
  • Parks Maintenance – Turf management; irrigation system maintenance; beach maintenance; playground equipment maintenance, pavilion maintenance; restroom maintenance and event preparation/tear down.
  • Sanitary Sewer Maintenance– Cleaning of mains and pump stations.
  • Storm Sewer Maintenance
  • Street Cleaning – Street sweeping; fall only leaf collection, and spring only brush collection.
  • Right-of-Way Maintenance – Tree trimming; tree removal; stump grinding; grass cutting and utility project restoration. Work may be performed by the property owner, or authorized agent, in the right-of-way but not before submitting the “Application to Work in Public Right-of-Way” form.
  • Alley Maintenance – Grading; graveling; brush cutting.
  • Recycling
  • Cemetery –Interments, grounds maintenance, and record-keeping.
  • Facilities & Equipment – Custodial maintenance; facility repairs; facility improvements; equipment maintenance& repair; facility maintenance; preventative maintenance; equipment rehabilitation; fuel dispensing; equipment acquisition and disposal.

Contact Information:

DPW Phone: (906) 864-6837

Fax: (906) 863-3266


  • 1 Full-time Foreman
  • 9 Full-time Laborers
  • 1 Part-time Secretary
  • 13 Seasonal Laborers


  • 26 Vehicles
  • 8 Heavy Equipment


The Public Works Department Budget is distributed through several General Fund Department, Cemetery Operations Fund, Sanitation/Rubbish Collection Fund, Water & Wastewater Utility Funds, and Local and Major Street Funds.