Coleman Engineering will begin survey work next week, 11-2-20 on the Utility Project.  I have included a map of the areas being surveyed below.

  • Generally, work will consist of 2-4 surveyors, minor disruptions to traffic are anticipated but will be short term.
  • Work will not start at any specific location as the workers will be setting up control points next week and will cover the entire project quickly during that process.  Once the control is started, workers will return to do the topographical survey and will return again to do the manhole measurements.
  • Work is anticipated to occur in this area for the entire month of November. Exact dates on-site will subject to the weather as we will not perform a survey on the roads during slippery road conditions for safety reasons.
  • All employees will be wearing Hi-Viz clothing and will be driving white Coleman Engineering trucks.
  • Soil boring work is being scheduled for some time in December.  I will send an additional update once I know the exact dates.