Event Date: 06/05/2020
Start Time: 11:51 am

Bulk pick-up will be next week, June 8th – June 12th on the same day as your garbage day.

REMINDER: The City of Menominee would like to remind residents that GAD added Monday to their solid waste pick-up schedule effective Monday, June 1, 2020. A flyer was mailed out a couple weeks ago and is also posted on our website https://menominee.us/garbage-recycling/.

Bulk pick-up is limited to three (3) items – NO electronics; large appliances; construction debris; tree trunks or stumps; batteries; stone, concrete, rubble earth or sod. Allowable Bulk items are: Small appliances that are not banned from landfills (toasters, radios, etc. NO MICROWAVES); Mattresses, box springs, furniture (3’ x 6’ or smaller); small auto parts in containers other than non-alkaline batteries; Carpet, rolled and sized appropriately for handling by one person (less than 4 ft and 45 pounds).

Monday Route –

South side of 20th Avenue between 18th Street and 10th Street (North Boundary)
East side of 18th Street between 20th Avenue and 10th Avenue (West Boundary)
10th Avenue (both sides) between 18th Street and 10th Street (South Boundary)
North Side of 14th Ave between 10th Street and 1st Street (South Boundary)
West Side of 10th Street between 10th Avenue and 14th Avenue (East Boundary)
1st Street between 18th Avenue and 14th Avenue (East Boundary)

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