Name & Title Office Telephone
Brett Botbyl, Interim City Manager 906-863-1747
Peg Bastien, City Assessor 906-863-1759
Kathy Brofka, City Clerk & City Treasurer 906-863-1746
Tricia Alwin, City Engineer & Public Works Director 906-863-1751
Unknown at this time, Building Inspector 906-863-1742
Riverside Cemetery 906-864-6837
Joanie Kosewski, Director, Recreation Department 906-863-1756
Customer Service, Recreation Department 906-863-1737
Susan Johnson, Exe.  Asst. 906-863-1749
City Hall 906-863-2656
Blair Nelson, Director Spies Library 906-863-3911
Utility Billing 906-863-1739
Fire Dept Adm. Office 906-863-5511
Non-Emergency Police Dept. 906-863-5568

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